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Please read and understand shipping policy before making a purchase.

Thank You..


Shipping Within the Contiguous United States Only.

We Do Not Offer International Shipping.

Due to the nature of shipping live animals,

All Sales Are Final


Shipping rates vary and depend on the method you choose during checkout.
Please make sure someone is home and available to receive your order.   KT Prawns will not be responsible for packages left in the hot sun or freezing cold.


Depending on the weather, We will add a cold or heat pack at not extra charge.

Shipping will be with USPS Priority Mail or UPS Next Day

(Please make the selection at check out)

Orders are ship only on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday of each week to ensure that the Prawns are Not held over the weekend at a shipping center.  Please make sure to provide/update the correct shipping address at check out.

No matter what shipping method you choose, all Prawns are packed with the same care.


Once the shipment is complete and in your care, KT Prawns can no longer be responsible for your order. The Prawns are out of my hand, care and control and KT Prawns cannot be held responsible for its continued well-being.

 When you receive your order you are solely responsible for acclimating your new addition to your pond/aquarium. I take great care in ensuring that your Prawns are healthy before and at the time of shipping. 

KT Prawns recommend and insisted that All Customers understand and prepared to properly care for their Prawns.


KT Prawns reserves the right to decide to issue a refund of the original price of the Prawns less shipping or send a replacement for the DOA at no charge to you within 30 day's of your purchase. Shipping charges are NON refundable. 

Live Arrival Is Guaranteed

on UPS Next Day Only.

KT Prawns guaranteed that your order will arrive alive and well. 
In an unlikely event that your Order are DOA (Dead On Arrival). I will need 2 digital pictures within 2 hours of delivery and you will receive a full refund for the cost of the Prawns/Fishes, less shipping or 
KT Prawns will ship replacement (depends on stock availability)

NO REFUND ON SHIPPING, you are not paying me for shipping, you are buying the service of


Live Arrival Guaranteed

Does Not Apply

to USPS Priority Mail

If your order arrived DOA, KT Prawns will be happy to Offer Reshipment of your order.

The Buyer must pay for Shipping & Materials cost to have the order reship.

(Priority shipping is offered to help Buyer offset the cost since shipping is a major part of buying live animals)

NO REFUND ON SHIPPING, you are not paying me for shipping, you are buying the service of

United States Postal Service. 

Conditions of Live Arrival Guarantee

  • SOMEONE MUST BE HOME FOR ALL SHIPMENTS. If you are not there and something goes wrong, I will hold you responsible.  Orders cannot be left outside for any period of time.

  • You/Buyer are responsible for tracking your order.  KT Prawns cannot be responsible for delivery delay.

  • KT Prawns cannot offer free shipping and product replacement when orders are returned to us as unclaimed or undeliverable.

  • KT Prawns Cannot Accommodate Any Special Delivery Instructions, Please make arrangement to have someone available to receive the Prawns.  Please understand that I have no control over the packages once they leave my hand.

  • KT Prawns cannot guarantee the Prawns well-being once shipment is complete. The Prawns are out of my care, control and KT Prawns cannot be held responsible for its continued well-being.  You are solely responsible for their care.

Thank You All So Much For Your Support & Understanding

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