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Freshwater Prawns, Freshwater Shrimps, Aquaponics, Aquarium, Aquatic Life, Invertebrate, Fish Tank, Organic food

   FreshWater Prawns   

         Perfect addition to Aquaponics  

Spring is Here and the weather is warming up.

Spring is the best time to start growing your very

own Freshwater Prawns/Shrimps

10% Off on all Freshwater Prawns

Free 2oz. bag of Juveniles Starter Food (Crumbles)

with purchase of 100 Freshwater Prawns

(Free Food Offer while supplies last)

Please read Shipping information/policies before making a purchase.
Please understand that these small Juvenile Prawns will be between 3/8"-1/2" in body length.  Smaller Prawns are easy to ship and it allow me to ship more per bag.  This help reduce the shipping cost since it's the major cost of the purchase.  Thank You for your understanding.
  Thank You so much for your Support


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